I hope you find what I’m about to post thoughtful, insightful and obviously, mindful.

Mindfulness has taken off over the last year or so but hasn’t flowed into male consciousness as much as women. I’m not sure why that is. Physical health has always been a priority. Men have been slow to look after their mental wellbeing. My journey through life has shown me the importance of good mental wellbeing so I’m motivated to pass on my thoughts and ideas.

I’m a practicing GP here in the UK, so I specialise in family medicine and the coordination of community services for my patients. Good mental wellbeing is now seen as being as important as good physical health. In fact, the two are intrinsically linked. The NHS hasn’t funded mental services particularly well. My blogs though are less about therapy for problems but are very much an expression of the need for that feeling of goodness and serenity.

There is no such thing as the pursuit of happiness, but there is the discovery of joy‘  Joyce Grenfell, British comedian, singer, actress 1910-79

Read more quotes at Brainyquote.com and more about Joyce at Wikipedia

Joyce was a very interesting lady who knew some of the important things in life. She was married for 50 years but unfortunately, couldn’t have children, so she became a surrogate fairy godmother for her good friend and family.

I’ve known ‘mindfulness’ all my life. It was the brief pauses between what appeared to be constant anxiety and rushing to get things completed. I could never grasp what these seemingly brief episodes were. Nor why, as there didn’t appear to be a pattern. Time off work or vacations didn’t seem to follow, in fact often made me worse. I seemed to be racing all the time, never enjoying the journey. Hobbies were always traumatic as I was my worst critic. But there were these episodes of serenity. Having experienced mindfulness, I can now look back and identify them more easily. The breathing exercises and body scan does allow me to get back into it. Life is still busy but is being met with a greater degree of calm. I have something to do which makes me feel better. I was accused by a colleague of being too positive the other day! I have started bullet journaling, unusual for a guy but it does give me some order and a place for me to be. I can therefore proactively keep a gratitude log – there is at least something that I’m thankful for or someone expressed gratitude to me each & every day.

My aim is to help us all in this journey of discovery and creation of our collections of joy!

Be mindful,