As the Easter break is upon us we have a longer weekend to enjoy.  We need to have rest throughout every day, but do you notice? Did you notice yesterday how you spent any downtime?

Added to my reading list this week is Haemin Sunim’s bestseller, The Things You Can See When You Slow Down. A central tenet of this book is obviously slowing down to achieve calm, but also to notice the world around us. He points out that we can feel small and vulnerable as we perceive our minds to be small and vulnerable within the vast Universe. However, perceptions are deceptive as we should realize that our mind is the entire universe as the universe only exists as in the focus of our minds.

Have you ever noticed the serenity of calm that exists when you become very focused on a task? The rest of the universe doesn’t exist as we expand all our thoughts into that task. The rest of the universe does continue as it always will, but it doesn’t matter to us in that moment of calm.

We can be busy with everything going on with the world and we will feel busy. It is our minds that are busy but the outside world just is. It does not know busy or calm and it has never complained about being busy! Our experience of the outside world is a reflection of our minds.

Calm minds form our calm world view. So fill your mind with joy & compassion, and you will notice a joyful and compassionate world. Ensure every day has episodes of rest.