Yesterday, I went back to my birth city. It had been several years as I had left home at 18 to attend University & had never wanted to go back. I’d had a difficult childhood. Cycling as a teenager was my escapism and I was always thinking of running away from home. I would pack my saddle bags & panniers and then be out all day. Finally coming home when late as I had nowhere to go, but it felt better whilst on the road plotting my escape. You have a lot of time to think when out alone on a bike. Eventually, I came to a realisation when it came to the decision of University, so that became my escape.

It was beautiful walking around the Albert Dock – unrecognisable since my childhood, even the ferries have become brightly coloured tourists attractions. It was the Liver Building that took me back – those birds had never flown their nest and have watched the city transform positively.

I walked around taking photographs and showing my daughter the sights like any other tourist. In the process shedding the baggage of my early years. I’d kept a lot of those feelings which would become quite powerful even just thinking about the city. I’d never wanted to return as a consequence. Those times on the bike had ingrained those thoughts.

Becoming a tourist helped me recognise those intrusive thoughts for what they were and enabled me to leave them where the belonged – in the past. As we walked my steps became lighter as a weight was lifted.

Mindfulness teaches about keeping in the moment. Ruminating on the past ingrains significant negativity allowing it to become far more powerful than it actually should be. Meditative practices and gratitude logs will enable the establishment of ingrained positive memories adding to your collections of joy.

What wrongly held belief can you challenge this week? And spend some time enjoying the moment. Hope you like the photo from the afternoon!