It’s been a difficult couple of weeks and I didn’t know why? I could stare at my navel and come up with stuff but realistically it was just the rollercoaster of life. Sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. For most, this is just minor fluctuations but for some of us, it’s quite a ride!

One way to reduce the fluctuations is to use the mindful practice of keeping a gratitude log! Simply stated, one keeps a daily log of episodes of gratitude. Those of you that journal will already be doing this! It is surprising how beneficial this can be, particularly when you look back at a later date. They’re often small little moments that you easily forget but are the essential building blocks of a joyful, mindful life.

As long as it is at least one thing for your to reflect on it means you are beginning to notice the moments of joy in an average day which makes life meaningful and joyful.

So for today,

  1. I awoke next to my 3 loves of my life – daughter, dog & wife (in no particular order!)
  2. At work, I truly helped a few people understand their health & empowered them
  3. I mindfully ate & enjoyed a coronation chicken sandwich at lunchtime
  4. I witnessed the delight in my daughter’s eyes when I came home & she showed me her certificate for being a Star of the Week at her school
  5. holding my dog as it falls asleep on my lap tonight

Start to keep a journal & a gratitude log today – go find a pencil & paper!

Post a comment of your gratitude moments from today.