Those that know me appreciate that I am an amateur photographer. Some of my photographs have been published here and my gallery is at 500px – click here for my site. Since we now all carry our phones we are all photographers and document our lives from the mundane to the dramatic. We have lots of ways to show these memories to the world – facebook, twitter, Instagram . . . They seem very ephemeral. I wonder what the current generation will be able to show of these historic times we live in (as I write this Machon has just been announced as the new French President – vive la France). In era’s gone by we had photographs published in newspapers, magazines & books which still exist. I’m sure you have looked at old photographs and spent a wistful moment reminiscing. Will we able to do this in the future? How will some of your collections of joy be kept for posterity? What would happen to those memories if your laptop or phone is lost or stolen?

For the last couple of years, I have created & printed a book of my best photographs of the previous year. They make great coffee table books and they have a permanence that your phone doesn’t have. I keep a photo wall in our kitchen of some of our best memories, and I know friends have their fridges covered in similar. I have spent a few hours today printing some of my more recent photographs in a larger format. I haven’t much wall space to display them but they’ll be in an album/folder to flick through at a later date. The show box would need to be quite big to fit them in but hopefully, I will enjoy them at a later date. I’ve dated them & written a brief on the back of them, so perhaps if they survive someone will enjoy them too in 100 years.

What are you doing with your collections of joy to maintain them for your own future enjoyment and perhaps for others?