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June 2017


One of the most important aspects of mindfulness I’ve learnt so far is to acknowledge gratitude. I must admit it is something I took for granted but when I’ve actually reflected on how I have behaved over the years, it seems that much of life’s joy has indeed passed me by. This has been because I had failed to notice or I allowed it to pass by without any acknowledgment. I dismissed anyone’s praise. Without gratitude, we will potentially live a life in a quagmire of anxiety and negativity. So, what to do? Keep a gratitude…

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Autotelic experience

It is an end in itself. Look back at a recent enjoyable past event. Why was it joyful? Whilst there are several elements of joyful experience, one part is when it becomes intrinsically rewarding in itself. It is an end in itself. It is an end in itself. I was recently watching my daughter at a riding lesson. She was really concentrating bouncing on the saddle as they trotted but laughing out loud. I found myself intensely concentrating on hearing her laughter. Everything else in the world melted away. When we become so involved…

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