It is an end in itself.

Look back at a recent enjoyable past event. Why was it joyful? Whilst there are several elements of joyful experience, one part is when it becomes intrinsically rewarding in itself. It is an end in itself.

It is an end in itself.

I was recently watching my daughter at a riding lesson. She was really concentrating bouncing on the saddle as they trotted but laughing out loud. I found myself intensely concentrating on hearing her laughter. Everything else in the world melted away. When we become so involved and absorbed in something, the rest of any troubling thoughts melt away. I wasn’t ‘doing’ anything other than stood observing a scene. Because it was my daughter I had to be there. I could have been on my smartphone doing something whiling away half an hour, but by choosing to notice, I have a wonderful father-daughter moment to log in our memory bank. It wasn’t a task it wasn’t a chore but it was something I had no choice to do. Intrinsically it could have been boring with me just waiting until she was finished.

That said, I was in full noticing mode! The clouds were backlight by intense sunlight, some rain had just passed by so some were grey and dark but some were intensely fluffy and white. The air was clear and crisp from the recent rain. I could smell the rain, the earth, the straw and the horses. It was warm in the sunshine and I could feel the heat on my back and the chill as a cloud passed by. Swallows flew skilfully about catching insects. Other birds sang together although I wondered at the time whether they sang just for their own enjoyment or if their songs always had a purpose? As I shuffled on my feet I felt & heard the crunch of the sandy soil underfoot.

At the end of her lesson, she chirped all the way home about the lesson. She loved trotting although I think ultimately she is after speed and wants to be able to gallop!

Life really gets a quality kick when everyday activities become enjoyable. And that is the key. Waiting for some big moment to come by misses the day to day pearls of joy. Much of what we do is enjoyable but we choose not to notice.

So your key task for this week is to log each day a pearl moment from that day’s more mundane or trivial tasks. Perhaps share by leaving a comment.