One of the most important aspects of mindfulness I’ve learnt so far is to acknowledge gratitude. I must admit it is something I took for granted but when I’ve actually reflected on how I have behaved over the years, it seems that much of life’s joy has indeed passed me by. This has been because I had failed to notice or I allowed it to pass by without any acknowledgment. I dismissed anyone’s praise.

Without gratitude, we will potentially live a life in a quagmire of anxiety and negativity.

So, what to do?

Keep a gratitude log! Fairly simple really. But how? A good start would be heading over to UJ & Alex at Intelligent Change and their ‘5-minute journal.’ This has become one of my daily habits. I start the day with an inspirational quote to get me thinking as I write 3 things I’m grateful for and 3 things that would make today awesome. This anchors my mindset for the day. Previously I would have started with ‘today is going to be busy’, and it was! Their journal is really great (and will make a great keepsake) but any sort of written gratitude reflection on a daily basis will achieve similar results.

Noticing skills are important too, and the morning routine sets one up for the day. Their closure for the day is to record 3 amazing things that happened that day. By doing this prior to bed allows one to be in a positive reflective state in bed. Combining this with meditation or breathing exercise is a great way to sign off the day and ensure a relaxed state of sleep.

My amazing 3 things for today are:

  1. My daughter read a story to me at bedtime
  2. I connected with colleagues at a meeting
  3. I remembered my career beginnings as I spoke to a newly qualified doctor