I’m recently back from vacation, Liberty Lykia Resort Hotel, Oludeniz in Turkey. And it was fabulous!

It was one of the few vacations I’ve taken when I wasn’t preoccupied with events at work. I travelled with a feeling of calm. I kept noticing I was calm, amazing!

One aspect of the vacation which wasn’t so positive was the change to my habit routines and so my tardiness in this post. They basically disappeared. Whilst that could be seen as a good thing whilst relaxing on vacation, it meant that I stopped doing some of my mindful routines. This has shown itself on my return as it has been very difficult to re-establish them. It was a busy couple of weeks back at work so far. More so as one colleague is off on maternity leave & another, unfortunately, had a cycling accident and will be out for a couple of months. I’ve found it difficult to set aside a bit of personal time to practice a reset. I had previously woken a bit early to meditate but with the changes to time zones, I have been sleeping through to the alarm.

One technique that has been so useful, has been meditative breathing. This is because it has become something I can now do without thinking too much about it. If I notice an anxiety or stress feeling developing I pause, loosen my shoulders and spend a mindful 30-60 seconds breathing. Fairly instant therapy! But like any skill, it is useful because of the practice I have put in over the last 12 months.

Lesson learned? Practice will pay off eventually.