Perusing, as I do, for mindful life experiences, thoughts and advice, I came across this book the other day.

The little book of Ikigai by Ken Mogi Click the link here to view on Amazon.

It’s a compelling read. At first it sounds so obvious and simple but as with most things in life it has a deep significance. It is also typically Japanese, but as with all cultural mindsets it is embedded in the psyche of its people. Like the Swedish hegge and the British stiff upper lip.

Ikigai has 5 parts to it:

  1. Start small
  2. Release oneself
  3. Harmony & sustainability
  4. The joy of little things (and so the reason why I noticed!)
  5. Being in the here & now

In summary, it describes the pleasures and meanings of life from little things to big goals and achievements. As Mogi puts it, ‘Ikigai gives your life a purpose, whilst giving you the grit to carry on.’

My task this week will be to incorporate this philosophy as I live each day. In particular, I will use another new Japanese word/concept – kodawari. A sign of a quality craftsman honing his skills on perfecting themselves by continuos improvement.

So onwards & お元気で