Birthdays Part Deux

Keeping in the moment & being mindful can be a difficult task. Waking up and suddenly you find yourself wearing a mask. What did just happen? Can’t I just go back to bed and try this again? Birthdays are difficult as they are reminders of your past. I previously measured my worth by the number of cards I received. I never told anyone generally about my upcoming birthday. Why? I suppose I didn’t want rejection. If they didn’t know, then I wouldn’t have the pressure of whether they sent a card or not. However,…

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Birthday Joy

Birthdays are one of the days of the year that we can be fairly certain of some joy. Well, at least after that cold realisation that another year has gone by! I jest. Birthdays have been difficult times in the past for me, as I measured my worth against the cards and presents I had received. I rarely told anyone it was my birthday, silently hoping they would somehow know and surprise me. I’d then lay in bed that night wondering why I wasn’t liked. Now, to many people, this seems daft, but to…

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