breathing exercise

Sunday morning walk around local reservoir

Following on from yesterdays post, I took our dog, Lola, for a walk around our local reservoir. I spent some time NAB’ing some pictures and taking in the gorgeous autumnal weather. Stopping to take a photograph enables me to take some time looking at the whole scene in front of me. Whilst photographs can capture the scene, I try to use all my senses – hopefully, you may guess from the photos that it was warm in the sunshine but you wouldn’t guess the chilly wind on my face. Photography is a great mindful…

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One of the most important aspects of mindfulness I’ve learnt so far is to acknowledge gratitude. I must admit it is something I took for granted but when I’ve actually reflected on how I have behaved over the years, it seems that much of life’s joy has indeed passed me by. This has been because I had failed to notice or I allowed it to pass by without any acknowledgment. I dismissed anyone’s praise. Without gratitude, we will potentially live a life in a quagmire of anxiety and negativity. So, what to do? Keep a gratitude…

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Mindful Meetings

This week has been a week of two halves. I was working the first two days in my ‘day job’, then my mid-week day off but I actually attended a meeting associated with work, and the second half of the week with study days. I have had a rich experience providing me with much to reflect on. I also had a meeting with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while for a chat. Meetings are part of work life but are also a part of all aspects of our lives. We have meetings at…

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Birthdays Part Deux

Keeping in the moment & being mindful can be a difficult task. Waking up and suddenly you find yourself wearing a mask. What did just happen? Can’t I just go back to bed and try this again? Birthdays are difficult as they are reminders of your past. I previously measured my worth by the number of cards I received. I never told anyone generally about my upcoming birthday. Why? I suppose I didn’t want rejection. If they didn’t know, then I wouldn’t have the pressure of whether they sent a card or not. However,…

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