Re-establishing habits after vacation

I’m recently back from vacation, Liberty Lykia Resort Hotel, Oludeniz in Turkey. And it was fabulous! It was one of the few vacations I’ve taken when I wasn’t preoccupied with events at work. I travelled with a feeling of calm. I kept noticing I was calm, amazing! One aspect of the vacation which wasn’t so positive was the change to my habit routines and so my tardiness in this post. They basically disappeared. Whilst that could be seen as a good thing whilst relaxing on vacation, it meant that I stopped doing some of my mindful…

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How to get started with mindfulness

A common question. How do I get started? It is rather a bit like getting dressed of a morning, and initially takes just as long! We all get dressed each morning. There is a finite number of clothes to wear but we never wear exactly the same as anyone else. Mindfulness is also quite simply but then gets rather complex the further you go with it. No humming (unless you like that sort of thing) and no dinging bells (unless you like that sort of thing!). Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be…

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