The joy of learning

Recently, I was fortunate to have a couple of days away from work to attend two different study days. The first was a national user conference of the clinical software we use at work. The second was a general clinical update with multiple and varied subjects. This helped identify what Donald Rumsfeld described as, unknown unknowns. How do you educate yourself and identify areas of weakness that you are unaware of? Reading widely is key. Do you read? Of course you do, but what do you read? Most of what we read, and I…

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Perusing, as I do, for mindful life experiences, thoughts and advice, I came across this book the other day. The little book of Ikigai by Ken Mogi Click the link here to view on Amazon. It’s a compelling read. At first it sounds so obvious and simple but as with most things in life it has a deep significance. It is also typically Japanese, but as with all cultural mindsets it is embedded in the psyche of its people. Like the Swedish hegge and the British stiff upper lip. Ikigai has 5 parts to…

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Re-establishing habits after vacation

I’m recently back from vacation, Liberty Lykia Resort Hotel, Oludeniz in Turkey. And it was fabulous! It was one of the few vacations I’ve taken when I wasn’t preoccupied with events at work. I travelled with a feeling of calm. I kept noticing I was calm, amazing! One aspect of the vacation which wasn’t so positive was the change to my habit routines and so my tardiness in this post. They basically disappeared. Whilst that could be seen as a good thing whilst relaxing on vacation, it meant that I stopped doing some of my mindful…

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