Going home again

Yesterday, I went back to my birth city. It had been several years as I had left home at 18 to attend University & had never wanted to go back. I’d had a difficult childhood. Cycling as a teenager was my escapism and I was always thinking of running away from home. I would pack my saddle bags & panniers and then be out all day. Finally coming home when late as I had nowhere to go, but it felt better whilst on the road plotting my escape. You have a lot of time…

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Starting to write has taken me quite a while to get around to it. Some 50 plus years to be precise! To use an obvious cliche, life has been a journey so far. Most journeys start in an obvious place, where we are, and then end when we arrive at our pre-determined destination. But life is made from a spaghetti field of multiple paths with a multitude of destinations so far into the distance that we could be going anywhere. I remember being told at an early age that people with a plan, generally…

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