Sunday morning walk around local reservoir

Following on from yesterdays post, I took our dog, Lola, for a walk around our local reservoir. I spent some time NAB’ing some pictures and taking in the gorgeous autumnal weather. Stopping to take a photograph enables me to take some time looking at the whole scene in front of me. Whilst photographs can capture the scene, I try to use all my senses – hopefully, you may guess from the photos that it was warm in the sunshine but you wouldn’t guess the chilly wind on my face. Photography is a great mindful…

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Printing memories

Those that know me appreciate that I am an amateur photographer. Some of my photographs have been published here and my gallery is at 500px – click here for my site. Since we now all carry our phones we are all photographers and document our lives from the mundane to the dramatic. We have lots of ways to show these memories to the world – facebook, twitter, Instagram . . . They seem very ephemeral. I wonder what the current generation will be able to show of these historic times we live in (as I write…

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