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Perusing, as I do, for mindful life experiences, thoughts and advice, I came across this book the other day. The little book of Ikigai by Ken Mogi Click the link here to view on Amazon. It’s a compelling read. At first it sounds so obvious and simple but as with most things in life it has a deep significance. It is also typically Japanese, but as with all cultural mindsets it is embedded in the psyche of its people. Like the Swedish hegge and the British stiff upper lip. Ikigai has 5 parts to…

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Re-establishing habits after vacation

I’m recently back from vacation, Liberty Lykia Resort Hotel, Oludeniz in Turkey. And it was fabulous! It was one of the few vacations I’ve taken when I wasn’t preoccupied with events at work. I travelled with a feeling of calm. I kept noticing I was calm, amazing! One aspect of the vacation which wasn’t so positive was the change to my habit routines and so my tardiness in this post. They basically disappeared. Whilst that could be seen as a good thing whilst relaxing on vacation, it meant that I stopped doing some of my mindful…

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For those of you who haven’t seen this Ted Talk before (and if you don’t know TED Talks then go here & come back in a week! One of my favourite ones, is Hans Rosling on Stats here) I’m assuming you have now watched and heard Brené’s talk above. If not, go and do it now. It lasts 20 minutes. I’ll wait. . . Ok. What do you think about worthiness now? And vulnerability? I found it interesting that she could through her research group people into those two camps – those with a strong…

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Change & Challenges are here to stay

When I started out cycling again a few years ago, I resented every hill I went up. It was challenging and hard, and I hated them with a passion. Especially the long steep ones in the Yorkshire Dales. A sheep once trotted past me as I zigzagged up at a snail’s pace. However, there was a moment of realisation when every cyclist begins to look forward to each hill as a challenge. I can do this. I can do this better than last time. Cyclists may not have a smile on our faces but…

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Birthdays Part Deux

Keeping in the moment & being mindful can be a difficult task. Waking up and suddenly you find yourself wearing a mask. What did just happen? Can’t I just go back to bed and try this again? Birthdays are difficult as they are reminders of your past. I previously measured my worth by the number of cards I received. I never told anyone generally about my upcoming birthday. Why? I suppose I didn’t want rejection. If they didn’t know, then I wouldn’t have the pressure of whether they sent a card or not. However,…

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