A Zen proverb to live by

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour,” Zen proverb I noticed the above Zen proverb the other day. It really does show the reality of our lives. When busy, we don’t do self-care. Think about the reality of that. Yes, we do look after ourselves but at the mere hint of something else, we will acquiesce to that request. I remember my coach asking me about my decision making when receiving a request to do something. We had already discussed how completely…

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Sunday morning walk around local reservoir

Following on from yesterdays post, I took our dog, Lola, for a walk around our local reservoir. I spent some time NAB’ing some pictures and taking in the gorgeous autumnal weather. Stopping to take a photograph enables me to take some time looking at the whole scene in front of me. Whilst photographs can capture the scene, I try to use all my senses – hopefully, you may guess from the photos that it was warm in the sunshine but you wouldn’t guess the chilly wind on my face. Photography is a great mindful…

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Collect joyful experiences by NAB’ing them!

I’m inspired to write this post because of a blog by someone I admire. She has certainly helped me open my eyes to the benefits of mindfulness. Please have a read of the post here at Fiona’s website. As you would be aware, my take on life is collecting moments of joy so the above post fits in nicely with my philosophy. The act of collecting takes on 3 forms, and I paraphrase from Fiona et al above, Notice a positive experience Admire & enrich your experience by taking time to dwell absorB the experience…

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Perusing, as I do, for mindful life experiences, thoughts and advice, I came across this book the other day. The little book of Ikigai by Ken Mogi Click the link here to view on Amazon. It’s a compelling read. At first it sounds so obvious and simple but as with most things in life it has a deep significance. It is also typically Japanese, but as with all cultural mindsets it is embedded in the psyche of its people. Like the Swedish hegge and the British stiff upper lip. Ikigai has 5 parts to…

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Something for the weekend

I’m trying to diet – again! Last Monday I weighed 84kg, in the past I had felt fantastic at 75kg. Pity I listened to others who suggested I looked gaunt. A couple of years ago I was really successful but recently the weight just keeps piling on. So, I have been reflecting on my experience over the years. What diet I choose to go on didn’t matter that much, apart from a lower carbohydrate diet I did for a while and when I was in cycle training. What seemed to matter the most were…

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Welcome to Collections of Joy!

Welcome! I hope you find what I’m about to post thoughtful, insightful and obviously, mindful. Mindfulness has taken off over the last year or so but hasn’t flowed into male consciousness as much as women. I’m not sure why that is. Physical health has always been a priority. Men have been slow to look after their mental wellbeing. My journey through life has shown me the importance of good mental wellbeing so I’m motivated to pass on my thoughts and ideas. I’m a practicing GP here in the UK, so I specialise in family medicine and…

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