Of joy & despair

Things happen, life happens. The last few weeks have been different. The week before last I attended the inauguration of my parents in law as Mayor & Mayoress of Bolton. We paid off our mortgage after several moves and 31 years of making payments. I was offered a new job. Liverpool FC winning their final game to ensure Champions League next season. Attending the leaving party of our popular practice nurse. Helping a good friend and also my sister, celebrate their birthdays. Listening to my daughter play Twinkle, twinkle on her violin for the first time.…

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It’s been a difficult couple of weeks and I didn’t know why? I could stare at my navel and come up with stuff but realistically it was just the rollercoaster of life. Sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. For most, this is just minor fluctuations but for some of us, it’s quite a ride! One way to reduce the fluctuations is to use the mindful practice of keeping a gratitude log! Simply stated, one keeps a daily log of episodes of gratitude. Those of you that journal will already be doing this! It…

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Starting to write has taken me quite a while to get around to it. Some 50 plus years to be precise! To use an obvious cliche, life has been a journey so far. Most journeys start in an obvious place, where we are, and then end when we arrive at our pre-determined destination. But life is made from a spaghetti field of multiple paths with a multitude of destinations so far into the distance that we could be going anywhere. I remember being told at an early age that people with a plan, generally…

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